WE'RE HIRING! by Glenn Fajota



If you have been following us on social media, you have seen that we are busy traveling the world, working with our clients from the Western United States to Western Europe. Whether we are shooting marketing images for seasoned companies like Heckler and Koch to fast growing companies like Hamilton Perkins who is featured in Bloomingdales and Zappos, we try to deliver the best. Seeing our work in magazines and on TV always excites our team. 

It's refreshing that we still get hired for jobs and the only money we've spent on advertising is our website and business cards (which we haven't updated in almost 4 years). And for weddings, word of mouth has worked well for us since we have never had a wedding photo/video displayed on our website.

Like any business, the never ending goal is to keep growing. In order to reach more clients locally and nationally, we need to add to our team. We are looking for a strong sales team along with  videographers, video editors and graphic designers to handle to incoming workflow. Check the positions/their qualifications below and send us an email if you fit the bill. 

*ALL POSITIONS - must be able to travel with current passport, have a love for food and be an iPhone/Mac user. 

- Marketing background
- Organized and well spoken
- Number cruncher

- Canon Camera/Camcorders
- Premiere Pro CC
- Audiophile

- Adobe CC
- College Degree in Graphic Design
- Web knowledge a plus

- Reliable and wiling to learn
- Enrolled in a high school/college media class for Fall 2018
- Know where the nearest coffee shop is at all times

Email link to resume/portfolio : assist@glennfajota.com


2018 Spring Landscape Photography Workshop by Glenn Fajota

Photo by Jossan Urban. 2017 Landscape Photography Workshop

Photo by Jossan Urban. 2017 Landscape Photography Workshop

MAY 18 - 20, 2018

$200, 10 seats.

May 18, Friday, Classroom at GFP VB
May 19 - 20, Overnight Hike, TBD

To reserve your seat, please email info@glennfajota.com

Landscape photos are seen everywhere from computer desktops to car advertisements. As beautiful as they are, there is a lot of hard work that is put into capturing the jaw dropping photos and video. From hiking 20 miles in the backcountry, to sleeping with thousands of spiders, it's not an easy process. "If it was easy then everyone would be doing it." 

The goal behind all my workshops is to properly educate creatives who want to take their craft to the top in a professional way. I've made many mistakes early in my career but also learned a lot in the past 15 years. In the workshops, I share these experiences so that those who attend, will learn and not make the same mistakes. I made the mistake already, no need for them to do the same. Visuals that I use are photo/video samples, real invoices, actual client emails, and physical collateral where they can see my final work. I tell you, I'm on Cloud 9 everytime I'm overseas and I see my work (=

CLASSROOM AGENDA, May 18, 6p - 830p
- How to approach new clients, how to keep client relationships
- Pricing, invoicing, payments, terms and conditions (the things us creatives hate dealing with)
- Business Plan, current and future
- Tips and tricks from 'On Location' to getting the money shot
- Gear evaluation
- Social Media

- Meet at GFP VB, 430am, hit the road (travel included)
- Breakfast (included)
- Arrive at trailhead (park entry included) *TBD
- Next day, hike out and arrive back at GFP VB Sunday evening

How much photo/video experience is needed to attend?
None. I approach everyone on the same playing field. We have professionals to those who got a camera a few weeks ago as a gift. I will be helping everyone during the hike as well.

What camera gear do I need to bring?
Whatever you have in your current lineup. But must haves that should be in your bag is a second memory card, second battery and tripod. In the workshop, you'll learn that it's not about the gear, heck, my camera is 6 years old! 

What do I need to pack?
An overnight backcountry load out. Not to be fooled with car camping. We are hiking miles to our campsite, up and down mountains. Weather temps *TBD.

Lowepro, Joby, B&H Photo, Great Outdoor Provision Co, SOG Knives,
Kawartha Outdoor, National Parks Conservation Association.