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From small groups to individuals, I share what I've learned and experienced in the past 16 years as a working photographer. I have traveled the world shooting with a variety of clients and everything that you could imagine go wrong on a shoot, has happened to me. From those mishaps, I have learned and perfected my craft and I teach you not to make the same mistakes. Without formal training, learning photography can be persuade a lot of people to not enjoy it.

What camera gear to buy to how to get sharp photos during kid's soccer games and the popular - how to make money from photography, are among the questions I get asked almost daily in DM’s, emails and texts. The workshops cover this and allow me to answer the same question at one time. But many can't make the workshop or have a specific question and that's why these private lessons are offered.

These private lessons can take place at our studio, at your home or even on set at your shoot (I'll be your invisible mentor - assistant on set). They are based on three-hour time slots which gives us enough time to go over your questions and have me give you feedback. 

PRICING (3 Hour Lesson)
$150/per photographer
$50/per additional photographer (School Photo Clubs, Private Groups)

For more info or to book a private lesson with Glenn