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  • Glenn Fajota Photography 620 Village Drive, Suite D Virginia Beach, VA 23454 (map)

- $100/Per Person
RSVP by June 24, 2016

- How do I balance the powerful sun in my outdoor photos?
- I have studio strobes, but I want to bring my models outside and use my strobes
- All I have is a reflector, can I really get good lighting from it?
- I have a shoot indoors but I don't know how to balance the existing light and windows.

Assuming you the have the basics of photography composition down, in this workshop we will work on location lighting for those compositions. I will show you how to use reflectors, strobes and speedlights on location, both indoors and outdoors.

Even though our studio space is great, most of our shoots happen on location. From architecture to lifestyle images we use a variety of tools to achieve the best look for our client and I will show you exactly how to do it. If you want to take your location photography to the next level with lighting, this workshop is the one you'll want to attend!

LIMITED TO 10 SEATS. Open to everyone who shoots on location (outdoors, indoors). We have sold out for the past 15 workshops but I think its because the tons of prizes given by our sponsors (=

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Earlier Event: May 29
Later Event: July 31