GEAR : Pelican U160 On Location / by Glenn Fajota

Check out the Whats In My Bag video on what I was able to pack inside this bag. On recent day hikes both for pleasure and work, I took out the Pelican U160 as my main camera case. During these expeditions, we went off trail a lot and I was climbing over deadwood, through the forest, wading through rivers and streams. I mean you name it I trekked it. But with everything secure especially the dividers holding the camera gear snug, I was never thrown off balance with the pack on my back. 

Most of these trips I was carrying two bodies, a couple of lenses, a full set of change of clothes and my food/water for the day and one of our tripods. So you could imagine how much weight I had on my back. But the padded back, waist strap and chest strap helped alleviate all the weight off my shoulders. When we did stop for lunch or breaks, I was able to sit on the bag without crushing the camera gear inside (=

If you’re a photographer or videographer going out for a day hike and you are bringing camera gear that needs the ultimate protection, definitely check out the Pelican U160. 

You can get it here at The Pelican Shop's website :