GEAR REVIEW : Pelican S130 / by Glenn Fajota

This is the second bag we got from to use for several hiking trips in the New Hamphire and California. The Pelican S130 is one of three camera bags offered by Pelican and offers maximum protection to its contents. The S130 has a top compartment that can easily fit an extra outfit, first aid kit for day hikes or like what Chris did, it can fit an arsenal of audio gear. The key feature with the S130 is waterproof laptop compartment that can fit most 15” laptops and some 17”. 

Chris has already flown with this bag to Georgia, Las Vegas and Canada fully loaded with video and audio gear. This weekend we are taking it to the top of Sugar Loaf and Old Rag which are highest peaks in Maryland and Virginia. So stay tuned to the blog to see the footage from the hikes!