GEAR REVIEW : UNU Enerpak 14000mAh Battery Pack / by Glenn Fajota

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We picked up another UNU usb battery pack because they are just that good. Last year the 11000mAh version lasted us a full week backpacking southern Spain and Germany. It kept two iPhones and an iPad mini charged since that was the only power source. When we got back to the states and unpacked, the battery pack still had 3/4 bars lit!

Recently on Groupon, the 14000mAh version popped up for the same price, $39.99 and we had to jump on it. Especially with these upcoming hiking trips, it should keep our group’s phones and tablets charged. They don’t offer it anymore on Groupon but they still have them on Amazon (link below). Keep an eye out since they go on sale quite often.

This is a must for anyone who travels alot where there isnt always a power source available.

UNU Battery Pack on Amazon