HIKING GEAR : Lowepro Photo Sport 30L / by Glenn Fajota

My main go to bag for the photography in the backwoods is the Lowepro Photo Sport 30L. Carefully packed, this 30L (30 liters) can go a long way with what you can fit in here, comfortably. I have used this pack in all four seasons across the world in the most perfect weather to the most severe inclement weather. The 30L is rated for a day pack but I have used this for 2 and 3 days in the backcountry. 


Here are a few reasons why I grab this pack when shooting in the backcountry

- Built in all weather cover (distinguished by “AW” in Lowepro’s naming convention)

- Removable padded camera insert

- 2L water bladder system with ported hole for drinking tube

- External loops for attaching several accessories

- Double bottom straps for a tent, tripod or tarp

- Lightweight!