The 266th Pope of the Catholic Church / by Glenn Fajota

High above the world's smallest country, Vatican City, is the chimney on top of the Sistine Chapel that declared Cardinal Bergoglio the new pope of the Catholic Church. From this angle, it's unbelievable that 100,000 fit in St Peter's square just outside the St Peter's Basilica!

If you have been here, you know how difficult it was to get to the top. The winding staircase was just a couple of feet wide and angled. If you didn't pass out when you got to the top, you would have passed out when you got to the top, haha. Because once you got to the top, the view you would see overlooking Rome is definitely a breathtaking one.

Canon 20D, ISO400, 10mm, F/4, 1/8000. Shift added in post.