What comes to mind, when you hear the word 'JUICING'? / by Glenn Fajota


What comes to mind, when you hear the word 'JUICING'? Here's what we think.

The crew here at the office is plastered with both photo and video shoots, travel days, edits and the never ending deadlines. So to increase the number of whites hairs and break out of client work, we put together a project each month where we each get a to put our own twist to a video since we are all familiar with each aspect of video production. This month, Chris started and the theme he chose was Halloween. He started with a 30sec clip that included an audio file as well as video footage. Without me seeing what he had done, he passed the file onto the next person in the rotation which was Mary Anne. She then took that file and added some graphics and other elements. Once she was done with that, she sent me the file for me to edit. I kept to the theme and adding a flaming jack o lantern and adding more sound bytes. Once I was done, I sent file to back to Chris for the last rotation, where Mary Anne and I had one more round of edits.

The twist was that the person that wasn’t next in the rotation wasnt allowed to see what the first person did. The final video would a collaboration of our creative juices. And since we live by deadlines, each person had exactly three days to make their edit before passing it on. This was tough for those whose three day period ran over the weekend or when we were traveling on the road. But in the real life world, the client doesn’t not care about that. Deadline means deadline.

Watch our first ‘JUICING’ video and let us know what you think!

Source: https://youtu.be/RfhV3JdXpqg