NEW HIRE! / by Glenn Fajota

Accounting, Billing, Emailing, Scheduling, SHOOTING Photo and Video, Editing, Public Relations, Social Media, you name it, I did it. Although I would contract people throughout the years, HIREGFP was pretty much a one man team, working 12 hour days for years. I never complained because I knew what the end product was and that I loved what I did.

Many of you always asked how I made it all happen all while keeping a high end brand with high end clients. Well the truth is, even though I'm hanging off cliffs and traveling around the world, the workload back home was only getting deeper and deeper. Do I stay home and knock out the work or keep traveling to my clients and do what I do best. It was and still is hard for me to find a balance between the two. If I stayed home, I would get a lot of work done but then I wouldn't fulfill my clients needs. Now, if I traveled to shoot for my clients, I would satisfy their needs and my brand BUT the workload back at the home office would only grow.

If you have been following me on social media over the years, you know that I travel a lot. 4-5 days every week or to put in a year's perspective, I would be gone nine months of the year. I try to meet deadlines and correspond in a timely manner but it is impossible even if I was only traveling two days out of the week.

Well, I've finally succumbed and realized that I can't do this all by myself. My strength is behind the camera and in order for me to do that, I have to relieve myself of the pre and post production. There was only one solution, to expand and hire someone. Someone who knows my brand and values it just as much as I do.

Join me as I say bye to the 80 work weeks and say hi to Mary Anne Matel! She has worked with me over the years and understands why and how I run Glenn Fajota Photography. A handful of people applied but none fit the position better the she does. I am truly blessed to have her on board full time as the Production Manager at Glenn Fajota Photography.

The caveat of her position, is that she will be doing it all, including writing her own paychecks and being her own human resource department haha. So from here on out, please send all compliments and concerns to (;

Glenn Fajota
Owner, Photographer
Glenn Fajota Photography