Notre Dame 2019 Fire. Gone but not forgotten by Glenn Fajota


Working in the travel industry, I get very fortunate to visit places not many see. My task as a photographer is to document these locations so that tourists will want to come visit these destinations.

What’s not given to me as a part of the assignment is how to take the photo. Sometimes I get the copy (the story) ahead of time so I know what the shot list is to mirror the editorial and sometimes I won’t get anything. Here is an email from 2007 :

”Glenn we have an assignment for you, this time in Paris. Notre Dame. Email me when you get back. Safe travels”

The first photo I took inside from an ant’s POV. The second photo, you guessed it, from a bird eye’s POV.

For those wanting to get noticed by agencies and clients in the travel industry, DON’T shoot what’s on the front page of search. If you search “NOTRE DAME,” you’ll see that my images (above) aren’t like the others.

In a tragic time like this, we just want to reminisce of how beautiful Notre Dame was. I’m glad I have images to share with media sources as the rebuild process for the cathedral begins.