trekking poles

HIKING GEAR : Paria Outdoor Tri-Fold Alloy UL Poles by Glenn Fajota

Paria Outdoor's Alloy Ultralight Trekking Poles are 15" and can fold three times, condensing them down. Each pole weighs 10 oz each. There are two heights to adjust the trekking poles to with a flip lock, securing any height adjustment made. Breaking down the two poles with the trifold is very helpful to fit in any book bag while traveling. 

Spike feet are located on the bottom of the poles, but there are rubber feet to cover the spikes. Either in the winter or summer, these spikes are useful to get through snow or mud. The rubber feet are in a separate bag that comes with the poles. A strap and foam handle is located on the top, perfect for any sweat to absorb during the summer season.

Paria Outdoor Tri-Fold Alloy UL Trekking Poles