GEAR : Canon CPS 5DS R by Glenn Fajota

For two upcoming Catholic Church wedding shoots, CPS has kindly sent in gear requested by GFP for rental use. Different levels of membership are offered at CPS, and it's recommend to join. CPS sent in a Canon 5DS R with a lens, a bag to hold the camera in, some cables and a charger. Keep in mind that sending an email to CPS two weeks prior to when a member needs gear is the key to any CPS rental. 

Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro Lens
Canon 5DS Body

GLOG : FALL 2016 News! by Glenn Fajota

Many new additions and improvements have been added to the relaunch of Glenn Fajota Photography, including new branding and business cards! To kick things off after two years, the HIREGFP logo has been updated. A new logo means new stickers, patches, shirts, and the overall brand of GFP in general. On one side of the business card, the logo appears with a unique surprise. Since there are three versions of the card, names will vary. For example, Mary Anne, our production manager, would have her own card. 

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Along with having new merchandise, HIREGFP proudly announces that weddings are going to be displayed on our own website! Glenn Fajota Photography will be sharing wedding shots at the link below.