GEAR : Cancun Destination Wedding with Two Carry-Ons / by Glenn Fajota

If you have traveled abroad, you know much hassle it is to go through customs. From re-checking your bag to the random luggage searches and even all the paperwork. One way I eliminate that is to travel with just my carry-ons. One backpack with my camera gear and one roller case.

My backpack always stays with me and in it has all my essential gear. Cameras, lens, laptops. The bag I have been using more and more lately is the Lowepro Protactic AW because it can fit a lot and has even more storage options with the external molle system.

In my roller case, I have my clothes, backups (batteries, hard drives), power cables, toiletries and anything else I can fit in there to alleviate the weight off my pack. I am based in Norfolk/Virginia Beach and our main airport is not a major hub, so for most of my flights, my layover is a short hour or so flight to larger city. These small regional planes don't have the normal overhead bin space as normal passenger plane so I have to check in my roller, which I pick up at the gate when I land. But in some cases, that baggage handlers below checked my bag to my final destination and that means there's a chance I might lose the precious cargo.

Traveling to Mexico to shoot a destination wedding, stock footage as well some leisure time, it would be hard for most to carry everything in two carry-ons. This video I show you what and how I packed for this trip. Enjoy!

Lowepro Protactic 450 AW
Canon 5D III with grip
Canon 5Ds
Canon 15/2.8
Canon 24/1.4
Canon 50/2.5 macro
Canon 50/1.2
Canon 135/2
Canon 580ex II
Canon CP-E4
T3 Gear 2 Day Collapsible Pack
15” Macbook Pro

Pelican 1510
ZPacks Cuben Fiber Dry Sack
Manfrotto Nano Light Stand
Impact Sandbag