GFP's New Lexar Professional Workflow Card Reader Hub Nest / by Glenn Fajota

Could this be the first LEXAR product here in the office?! The Lexar Professional Workflow Card Reader modular system allows any combination of CF, SD or XQD card readers to be used at one time. This may be helpful since we have SD cards in our field recorders and CF cards in our HDSLRs. Uploading files for preview right after a shoot might be a breeze! If we need to upload four CF cards at one time, we would just insert four of the Lexar Professional Workflow CF Reader (sold separately) and vice versa with the SD cards Lexar Professional Workflow SD Reader (sold separately).

This still has a small footprint at 3.3"x4.3"x6" and also has a clean design if mounted on the desktop. With four cards uploading at the same time, it will need more power than the USB, so the supplied power cable will definitely keep uploads running smooth.