Here comes 2016! / by Glenn Fajota


2015 is a wrap, well almost. I have a few more weeks of travel left in December, then I can finally take a break. Traveling 4-5 days a week for most of this year, really put me to the test in trying to make deadlines, make time in front of the computer but most importantly, finding time to myself. And on top of the work schedule, after 10+ years having my office in Downtown Norfolk, I moved to Virginia Beach where I work closely with the students of TMSSR. However, the office move did not stop the demand of my clients, since 90% of my work is travel based. On the few days that I was in office, I was teaching workshops and photography courses. If I was few days late in replying to you, most likely I was high up in the mountains or in front the classroom. December is my catchup month (=

Over the years, I have picked up more and more travel/tourism projects and clients which had a big part in Glenn Fajota Photography's rebrand. The 81% black and the current HIREGFP logo will still appear until I slowly phase it out later next year and that's where I'll introduce the full rebrand throughout all the collateral (letterhead, website and client list). GFP has a pretty full schedule in 2016 and will be limiting our wedding bookings after 2016. So if you or a friend are getting married in the next couple of years, better send us an email to make sure we get the date locked in!

As we prepare for the next calendar year, what better way to do so then with our annual Glenn Fajota Photography Travel Edition calendar! Proceeds will to go to World Wildlife Fund and National Park/Forest Services which will safeguard and educate the general public. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Thank you to my current clients for being patient and understanding my demanding travel schedule. And to my future clients, let's go do some work!



Your photographer,

Glenn Fajota