#HIREGFP / by Glenn Fajota

We are still uploading our favorite images but there are a bunch in the food gallery. The food gallery is an opening to our first workshop of the year which will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2016. 

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For any wedding inquiry that I receive, I get real happy since all are from wedding referrals. I don't advertise and have never posted a wedding gallery on the website and yet I still average 25 weddings a year, which tells us me, the GFP team is doing something right (= Although I shoot a majority of destinations weddings, I still shoot a select few here in the Virginia/DC area. I approach all weddings with a flair of fashion, editorial and travel, which you can see in the wedding gallery (=
(coming in the next few weeks)

There are photographers of all levels that message/email me about photography daily. Some schedule a private lesson at our studio and some even travel with me to assist and get hands on experience. Even though I answer the same question over and over, I don't mind it all. It's all about giving and watching growth in another individual sharing the same interest as you. I feel bad when I can't reply to everyone's email, tweet, YouTube comment because I simply don't have time since I travel a lot.

To combat that, each month I will be hosting a workshop at the end of the month where I will cover a different topic. We have great success during our summer week-long workshops which always sells out and go way over time, haha. Sharing 15 years worth of knowledge over a course of 5 days is just not enough so we are going to break it up over a course of 12 months.

The structure for the workshops start with instructional time and then hands on shooting where each photographer gets to participate in a live shoot and walk away with portfolio ready images. Lowepro, B&H Photo and The Pelican Shop, our sponsors are VERY generous by giving tons of products for prizes and giveaways and are usually more than the registration fee. Also everyone leaves with a prize (;

To see where we are in the world, what we are shooting or what gear we are currently using, find us on the internet with #HIREGFP