FEBRUARY / by Glenn Fajota

January flew by so fast! With trips to the mountains, Shot Show and new branding for 2016, it has kept us busy and not to mention we had our first workshop of the year, which was a blast! We were flooded with emails and messages the next day with great feedback as well as those who weren't able to attend, asking what and when is the workshop. As you saw from the pictures, we had a full turnout, just like all our workshops so make sure you reserve your seat early!

That leads us to this month's workshop, Studio Lighting! This may be the most informative workshop for any photographer using lights. I will show the difference between light outputs from softboxes, beauty dishes, and even speedlights. There is a lot of 'loose' information on what brands work best, how many lights, etc but I will clear all that up at the workshop.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be uploading our environmental headshots. Anyone can shoot on a backdrop so we kinda skipped uploaded those headshots. We like to put our clients in their world, in their element. From the presidents of the local colleges to tv personalities, they always trust our vision.

Check us out on Instagram @glennfajota for BTS images from the last workshop as well as the new Lowepro Streetline 250 which we were lucky to get before its release last week (=