MARCH / by Glenn Fajota

Even though February had an extra day, it seemed like there were only 2 weeks in that month, it flew by so fast. From the Studio Lighting Workshop to the Spike's Tactical Shoot for RECOIL Magazine, we were busy behind camera and studio lights.

As we head into our first full week of this month, we are preparing for our portion of class where I teach the students of TMSSR ( how to work on set as a makeup artist. Also part of the program, I shoot their branding headshots as well as two of their first portfolio images as a working makeup artist.

Assistant (PAID). From the long list, second shooting, BTS video/edit and room to grow with GFP as well as build your own brand are the main requirements for this position. I don't babysit or go back and forth. If you want to join the GFP and work on brand too, then give us a shout (=

*Still uploading images to the galleries and working the layouts, so check back.